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Turkey Pumpkin Chili

This came out really, really good. You don’t really taste the pumpkin all that much but there’s a hint of it there. Use this as a base to create your own, according to what you like: I eyeballed the spices, so season to your own taste. I used crushed tomatoes and left the consistency pretty thick but you could use diced tomatoes and add water or broth if it’s still too thick for you. Use whatever color peppers you like, add beans or brown rice for some complex carb. However you like it, this is a delicious, hearty, warm chili.

Turkey Pumpkin Chili

1 diced onion
1 orange bell pepper, diced
1 clove minced garlic
1 1/3 lb ground turkey
1 (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes
1 (15 oz) can pumpkin puree
2 Tbs chili powder
1 T cumin
1 tsp cinnamon
salt, pepper, red pepper flake to taste

Saute the onion, bell pepper, and garlic until tender. Stir in the turkey, and cook until brown. Mix in tomatoes, pumpkin and spices. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer 20 minutes.

Makes 5 good size servings, each:
208 calories
1.9 g fat
25 g carb
7 g fiber
27.5 g protein


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